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Here are some of our Client Portfolios. Please contact us for more details on how to customise your own products. Our friendly staff will assist you from understanding your brand till achieving your brand outcome. At the end of the day, a strong brand is a consistent brand. Our objective is to make your Marketing Communication Message consistent from the first step in, till the last step out for each of your guests.

Chatrium Group and Minor Group have awarded us a contract from our ability to meet the high-end brand standards. Our creative ability has provided Chatrium Group to win Green Leaf Award 2015 for best Hotel amenities (100% tree free amenities). Our specialists have created four unique scents for Anantara to offer a variety of soap to lavish their guests.

Thailand is known for being the Medical Hub of the World. Hospitals in Thailand are the first to pioneer a standard which uplifts the standard of all hospitals around the world (Hospitels). Floral has realised the trend that Hospitals are becoming more like Hotels and as a result we know how to serve the most High-end Hospitals in Thailand. Bangkok Hospital, Bumrungraj, Samitivej and Rama 9 Hospital are examples of our vast client list. We have won the contracts of 19 JCI certified hospitals in Thailand and this is a sign of our quality orientated products.

We Floral view at ourselves as a tree. Our branches grow in different directions whether it is modern, contemporary or traditional yet roots remain as one. We love exploring new concepts and theme which provide more customer interactions with your amenities. The Jigsaw piece (Dasada Flower Garden) has proven to be an effective product as customers spend a lot of time playing with the product hence sub-consciously absorbing the massage of the brand.